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CD - "The Revolution is made together" - 2022

CD - "The Revolution is made together" - 2022

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Album 2022

All Songs written by The Last Vinci. Produced by Tom Peters and The Last Vinci.

Recorded and mixed at Trapdoor Studios/Liverpool, and Narrow Studio/Cork., Mastered at Tall Trees Audio Mastering by Stephen Kerrison. Lyrics review by Joseph Padfield and Tom Peters. Artwork Pics by Simon Cunningham. Artwork design by Alex Vinci.

Album special guests:

Glitter Slaughterhouse -Joseph Padfield

In the name of Ezra - Bicurious

You'll get your turn -Tom Peters

Adding Water to the Ocean -Toisin Bakole, John Nylor on trumpet, Charly Reed on trombone, and James Vickers on sax

The Only Revolution is being together - Tom Peters.

About the album:

Despite the pandemic dramatically impacting musicians in every corner of the planet, The Last Vinci have been working nonstop since the beginning of 2020 on their new LP.

After an Album, an EP and several tours, the Band came back to the studio during April 2021 teaming up with Liverpool producer Tom Peters (Alpha Male Tea Party, Bicurious, God Alone and many more) for what is shaping up to be their biggest release to date. 

Conscious of the power of musicians working together, the Album will also feature several Irish Artists who shared the stage with the band during their 2019 tour. 

With the lack of gigging due to the Covid crisis, getting the budget together to record the Album has been very hard; pushing the trio to raise a call to their fan base by launching a Gofundme campaign on December 15th 2020, in support of the recording expenses. 

The response from The Last Vinci’s fanbase came promptly, helping the band to raise over 2k in the first month of promotion and collecting 5k in total at the end of the campaign, also thanks to their Hilarious promotional video produced and filmed by the band itself. 

Preceded by the singles ‘Gallow’ on October 15th, ‘Glitter Slaughterhouse’ on November 26th, ‘Falling from a Mountain of Joy’ on Jan 7th, and ‘Adding Water to the Ocean’ on February 18th, the Cork trio introduced The Revolution is Made Together, their second official album, released March 4th via Narrow Door Records. The album, featuring artists such as Bicurious, Toshin, Bannered Mare and many others, aims to showcase the band’s signature sound, as well as the collaborative spirit behind their new LP. 

The Album has been well received by the Press and audience, including the endorsement of Alex Baker of Kerrang! Radio on his show Fresh Blood, who stuck ‘Falling from a Mountain of Joy’ on heavy rotation for the whole month of January 2022.


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